From the moment you step into a One Hot Cookie shop, you’ll fall in love! We serve hot cookies and brownies topped with delicious frosting and an array of fun toppings. Better yet, it’s served over gourmet ice-cream!

(Plus, the mascots are a ridiculously adorable pug named Kate Middleton and her best friend, Remington the Labrador.)


Behind Every Hot Cookie

What started as a whim for Bergen Giordani and her daughter, Morgen, quickly grew into a thriving business. The pair opened the first One Hot Cookie in downtown Youngstown in 2013, and within five years have spread to two states and began offering franchising opportunities to budding entrepreneurs. Their vision is to share their recipe for success with others interested in making their lives – and their communities – a little sweeter.

When they are not busy building the cookie empire, Bergen and Morgen can be found taking pictures of the Cookie Dogs, Kate and Remy and talking about what they are going to eat for dinner.

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